HOW TO: Party (smart) Off Campus

It’s a big weekend, with football season openers, good weather, and holiday events. Read these quick tips so you can be informed before you host or attend a party! For more information on potential offenses that you could be facing, click on the links.


Party prep

Party time

  • Check IDs at the door
  • Only provide alcohol to those 21 and older: Furnishing Alcohol to Minors 
  • Do not provide alcohol to anyone who is visibly intoxicated, vomiting, or unable to comprehend/hold a conversation
  • Do not leave alcohol unattended
  • Provide non-alcoholic drinks for those under 21
  • Keep noise and music at a reasonable level: Noise Violation
  • Do not let guests overcrowd places where a specific capacity is recommended (decks, roofs, porches)
  • Do not set fires
  • If the party gets out of hand, call campus or city police for assistance

The aftermath


Remember: all colleges have a Code of Student Conduct that typically include portions dedicated to rules governing off-campus parties. Even if you are not charged criminally for any of the above offenses, your school could still discipline you for various reasons which could mean suspension or dismissal. Contact us immediately if you have any run-in with law enforcement or school representatives. 

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