Quick Tips for Spring Break 2017

It’s the wildest time of year for many college students: a break from the cold, a week long party, and meeting new people. But one interaction with a police officer could haunt you for years to come.

Keep in mind these 3 quick tips:

Don’t get arrested: If you are drinking,

  • Do not carry your alcohol with you on public beaches;
  • Do not show any officer a fake ID; and
  • Do not fail to leave a bar or premise if you are asked.
    • These are the number one behaviors we see that are easily avoidable but lead to the most problems. It’s simple!

But if you get arrested: If you are arrested or cited for underage drinking, disorderly conduct, etc., contact us to find out your options.

  • Many courts in Florida and other states have diversion programs IF YOU ASK. If you don’t ask, they may scare you into thinking you need to fly down from Ohio and appear for court hearings, or plead guilty, or pay large fines. You may even receive mail from those in-state criminal defense attorneys requesting large retainers or flat fees to appear for you and fight the charge. We cannot practice outside of Ohio, but a few phone calls for information and documents have proven to get huge wins in the past for our clients. Be smart!

Get consent: If you are engaging in sexual activity, get consent for EVERY ACT.

  • Do not assume sexual activity is warranted based on dancing, innuendos, or rumors;
  • Do not engage in sexual activity unless the other person is sober enough to know the 5 W’s: who, where, what, why, and when;
  • Get consent for every sexual act (every change in activity, touch, position).

REMEMBER: You can get in trouble with your school for activity that does not even occur on school grounds. Visit an old blog post here to review Code of Conduct tips.

THE BEST TIP: plug in our phone numbers to your phone before you leave for Spring Break 2017 & text us if you have questions! 

Questions? Call us! 614.745.2001

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